TnR Products Booty Shakers 1002 Black Label Set of 3

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Booty Shakers are a foam floatation device for floor toms. They suspend your floor tom on a cushion of foam. Allowing it to vibrate/resonate freely and increase that deep fundamental note. Booty Shakers will enable your floor tom to produce the fattest tone possible, by decoupling it from the floor without adding any mass to the drum. Light, portable, and inexpensive. They fit any brand of drum regardless of leg diameter or rubber foot size. You can put them on over the stock rubber feet and take them off in seconds. The patented "slotted recepticle" will hold them on your drum while you adjust the drums position. They are a must have for any musician who wants a consistant performance from their floor tom. Booty Shakers put the Bah-Boom in your floor tom!