Shure A25D Microphone Clip



The Shure A25D mic clip secures your handheld microphone to the mic stand safely while providing easy and positive angle adjustments. Compatible with Shure SM58, SM57, and other 3/8"-barrel mics, the A25D is tough enough to withstand the rigors of the road while allowing you to position your mic where you need it. This break-resistant plastic clip includes an adjustable swivel that can be tightened to stay put in studio or stage instrument-miking situations, or loosened enough to allow multiple singers or speakers to change mic angles easily. If you want an affordable way to firmly attach your mic to your stand, use the A25D mic clip!

Shure A25D Adjustable Mic Clip Features:

  • Works with Shure SM58, SM57, Beta 58A, 57A, 87A, 87C, or any mic with the same barrel size
  • Break-resistant plastic construction
  • Adjustable angle
  • Angle tension can be adjusted
  • Affordable and reliable


Type: Pro Audio

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