Matthews Effects The Astronomer - Celestial Reverb

Matthews Effects


Join the celestial bodies with The Astronomer, a hall/shimmer reverb with two foot-switchable channels. Set one as a light hall reverb and the other as a deep ambient shimmer, or anything in between. Only one can be activated at a time, letting you dynamically switch between the two reverbs giving you a wide range of options.

The Bypass and Favorite switch are set to different heights to reduce the chance of activating the wrong one and the pedal can be turned while still being able to access both switches easily.

Mix: Controls how much wet is mixed in.
Glow: controls how much Shimmer is added
Travel: Is the distance the verb will travel
Favorite channel is bottom row.

Top Hole Jacks
9v power supply no battery option

Designed, Built by Rick Matthews

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