Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork Pitch Shifter



The Pitch Fork transposes an instrument’s pitch over a +/- three octave range and features three modes which allow the pitch to be transposed up, down or both, simultaneously. The pitch shift amount can be set to a fixed interval or continuously varied by an expression pedal or control voltage. 

Quick Specs 
- Transposes over a +/- three octave range 
- Three shift modes: up, down or dual 
- 11-position Shift knob selects the transposition interval 
- EXP input lets you control pitch shift or glissando via optional expression pedal 
- Latch and Momentary modes affect how the footswitch and EXP input behave 
- Comes with EHX 9.6DC-200mA AC Adapter, can also run off a 9V battery 

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