Zach Zurn, Carpet Booth Studios

Zach Zurn - Carpet Booth Studios

Zach Zurn is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Rochester, Minnesota. He has a love for reverb, offset guitars, honest songwriting, and clever lyricism. He seeks to create beautiful, thoughtful, and inspiring music.

Zach is inspired by artists like Ólafur Arnalds, Death Cab for Cutie, Kevin Garrett, Sleeping At Last, The Ember Days, Colony House, My Epic, Canopy Climbers, The Japanese House, Polyenso, Ben Folds, Mutemath, and Copeland.

Zach has played in several cities including London, England, Kansas City, Houston, Minneapolis, and Louisville at various music venues, festivals, conference centers, universities, and other venues.

Zach is available for commissioned songwriting, session/studio work, live performances, co-writing, production work, workshops, music lessons and more.

Zach also owns, operates, and produces at Carpet Booth Studios located in downtown Rochester, Minnesota.

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