Jake Woodall

My name is Jake Woodall, I'm a guitar player and worship leader from Atlanta, GA. 
I've been playing in church since I started playing guitar about 10 years ago. I started at a small church in Fayetteville, GA playing guitar for the youth group (as most of us did). After about two years of that I became the youth worship director. Once I gained confidence in my abilities I began to sing and play. For the next couple of years I've been playing the circuit around GA. 

Up until recently I haven't had a church home, BUT I got married and that had to change. I wanted a place where my wife and I could grow not only in our walks together but where I could find more musical influences and find a way to grow in that aspect of my life. It only took one phone call and I ended up playing at Rock Springs Church with a lot of great people.

Ever since my wife and I joined the church we've grown together in every way possible. I've made a lot of connections musically. The MD of our service at RSC is Brian Scoggin of Casting Crowns and the other guitar player is Jason Hoard owner of Black Cat studios and guitar player for the likes of Third Day, David Crowder and Toby Mac. One of the worship leaders there is a full time musician and is a fantastic musician named Noah Cleveland. He's contacted me and we're playing an event in Alabama called Soul Stock with bands like Tenth Avenue North and Building 429. Because of these connections I've built a few industry connections as well. I am now an Empire Ears endorsed artist, they're an in ear monitor company out of Norcross, GA and honestly have the best ears I've ever heard in my entire life.

All in all in the past two years God and worship have changed my life. I'm trying to make this my career and Coming Hour is helping me with yet another connection. I can't wait to see what God is going to do in my life. His plan is something I will never be able to comprehend but I know I can trust it.