Church Dropoff Service

Here's how you can take full advantage of this service and never have to rush for a set of strings again:
  1. Ask your (worship) pastor to email to set up your church as a drop point, which is free of charge for the church.  The only requirement is that you have open church office hours Thursday afternoons from 1pm-5pm so we can make sure you get your gear.
  2. Subscribe to our weekly reminder email HERE to get an automated email Thursday mornings asking if you need anything for rehearsal, please check the "Thursday" box in the form.
  3. Go to COMINGHOUR.COM, order what you need and select "Local Church Delivery" during checkout, and for $1 (no minimum or maximum order size), your gear will be waiting for you at your rehearsal Thursday evening, and you didn't have to cut lunch, leave work early, or skip supper with the family.
  4. Yes it's that easy....