Cade Thompson

Cade Thompson Music

Cade Thompson is a 16 year old worship leader and songwriter who has encountered the presence of the Lord and is now committed to use his passion for music to lead others into a transforming experience with the presence of God.

From the place of intimacy with God, Cade wrote and recorded his debut single “Faithful and True” as a 14 year old, released in 2016. His new single “Treasures” will be released February 3, 2017 which is a dynamic song declaring the truths that transcend all generations, illuminating the depth of joy that comes with knowing we are all God's treasures.

Cade is a trained acoustic and bass guitarist, drummer, and vocalist. Cade has a consistent vocal and musical presence in his community. In February 2017, he is going on tour with Lifelight Global/Z8 Initiative’s ‘A Day to Unite the City’ with headliner Remedy Drive. Additional information can be found at

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