About Us

What Is Your Sound? 



We exist to help you find your unique sound. 

In a world of endless equipment, it's nearly impossible for a musician to focus on mastering their craft and stay on top of the eternal market of gear.

We've got you covered.

Whether it's a piece of equipment you need, or a few lessons to master a new technique, we'll help you discover what you need to express your true sound through your playing. 



 Our Vision

Coming Hour equips musicians and artists with equipment, repairs, and instruction to move in confidence and excellence in worship. We partner with the hour Jesus is speaking of in John 4:23, raising up worshipers in spirit and in truth.  Our goal is to see the entire process of raising up worshipers done by worshipers: from private lessons to gear purchasing and repairs. It displays our heart to see every avenue of discipleship accomplished by worshipers.

We hold our staff and services to the highest standard of excellence, recognizing that the banner of “Christian store” is often used as a label of heart posture without following through on the quality of service that should follow.

You will NEVER be force-fed any of our values, but we hope that you'll see the highest level of excellence in all of our staff because we stand on these values. 

We'll help you discover your sound, no exceptions.