Analog Endeavors AUX3S Strymon Switch, "Coming Hour Green"

Analog Endeavors


Add versatility and functionality to your favorite Strymon pedal with the AUX3S. Gives you 3 more controls over features such as bank up, bank down, tap tempo, etc. Comes standard in a white powder-coated enclosure, 3 soft switches (middle raised) and Neutrik jacks, all handwired in MN.


** MUST have the latest FIRMWARE version (released ~FEB 2015) on your Big Sky / Timeline. The switch will not work properly if you don't. **


Under GLOBAL settings on your Strymon you'll find a sub-menu called EXP MODE; once in there you can pick which mode you want to control :

TAP - scrolls presets w/ center button tap tempo
BANK - scrolls banks w/ center button to cycle through presets within that bank.
PRESET - scrolls presets w/ center button engaging/disengaging current preset.
LOOPER - TL only - if you're NOT in the looper on the Timeline, switches control record/dub, play, stop (L >> R); if you ARE in the looper, controls are reverse, half-speed, undo/redo (L >> R).


- The AUX3S DOES require TRS (stereo) 1/4" cable into your EXP jack
- The AUX3S does not require power
- The AUX3S cannot engage the freeze function on the Big Sky
- Per Strymon, it's not currently able to support an additional tap tempo output.

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