Our 3 Most Popular Guitar Pedals That You Probably Don't Own

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We all know there are a bazillion pedals out there today, and even though we carry some of the big names like Strymon, JHS, and Walrus, our top 3 selling pedals speak for themselves. 

Would you rather play a pedal with a big name? Or pedal that nearly every customer who tries these ends up buying it? 

Prepare to fall in love!

#3: Hungry Robot Pedals Stargazer Dual Reverb

Two options of a beautiful verb with a very slight and mild warble, and a subtle sparkle. It's built like a rock, and is a true boutique build excelling in artistic design!

Check Out The Stargazer HERE

#2: Matthews Effects Astronomer Celestial Reverb

Let's say this: the Astronomer is the definition of Shimmer Reverb. You can two presents of shining ambient goodness. If you've never done a volume swell with the Astronomer, then you've never truly done a swell!

Check Out The Astronomer HERE

#1: Cornerstone Sparkle Dynamic Overdrive

This thing has rave reviews on the product page, and is hands down the most luscious, amp-like, touch-sensitive, think and rich overdrive I've ever heard. Straight from the heart of Italy, it's crafted among the finest of all Italian delicacies. I can tell you story after story of customers who left our store with the Sparkle who came without ever hearing of it before, but let the pedal speak for itself!

Check Out The Sparkle HERE

Your NEW Egnater Amps Dealers

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There are a few different types of products we are always on the lookout for. One of the categories we're looking for is killer products at an incredible price. We find that sweet spot to save you time. 

With that, we're excited to announce that we are now official Egnater Dealers, and already have a handful of their most popular amps in stock for you to give a whirl.

Bruce Egnater has been designing and building amazing amps for over 30 years that have been used at different times by some amazing classic artists that you may recognize like Steve Vai, Peter Frampton, Joe Perry, and many more!

Now you can be a part of the Egnater legend and pick up your next great amp at Coming Hour.  Check out our current lineup of Egnater Amps online or in-store.

Humidipaks Are Not Enough

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I’ll start by saying that I love the Planet Waves Humidipaks. They are amazing products and are absolutely essential for the maintenance of your acoustic guitar. They steadily keep your case at 45%-50% relative humidity, as long as you keep your case closed. This is all very good……but it’s not enough.



This has nothing to do with the product itself, it has everything to do with living in the temperamental upper Midwest.



Your humidipak has a finite and limited amount of moisture inside of it that it can dispense. When it’s -10F in good ol’ Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the moisture it has will run out much faster and then you’ll be out buying another set 3 weeks later.



Stop thinking about the Humidipak as the provider of moisture, but instead the regulator of moisture inside your case. If it’s winter, run a personal humidifier nearby. If it’s summer, run a dehumidifier in the same room.



The Humidipaks will keep your guitar in the perfect environment, regulated perfectly, AND it will save you money. It’ll allow your paks to run the full 4 months advertised (or longer) rather than under the 2 months minimum (advertised).



Save money, save your guitar.



There ya have it! Share it with your friends.



The Andy Timmons Tone Secret

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Ever listened to Andy Timmons and thought, how does he sound so great?  He's got a secret to his guitar tone that you can learn! 

It's as easy as that!