7 Easy Ways To Encourage Your Kids to Love Music

Posted on July 11, 2016 by Coming Hour

7 Easy Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Love Music

You don’t need another study that shows the psychological benefits of music for your kid. It’s time to start investing.

Musical experts aren’t required for these simple activities. Only a willing heart, because that’s truly what inspires your kids. All of these are, “No Skills Required” activities.

Don’t be limited by this list, but use it as a springboard to find specific things that perfectly mold to your youngsters. Share this with a friend, and brainstorm some new and creative ways to cultivate creativity in your home.

1. Play Recorded Music 

Mozart is great, but he’s not perfect. Find some fun tunes that you like as well, and create a soundtrack for your home. If it’s playtime, reading time, cleanup, or snacks, turn on some tunes.

Humans are drawn to what makes them comfortable, and comfort comes from familiarity. All the scientific studies aside, if kids get used to hearing music they will learn to love it, and begin to reap the rest of the benefits as well.

2. Sing Songs Together 

Don’t think you’re a singer? No worries! You can belt out “Let It Go” with your daughter or croon a solo lullabye while they dose off.

Your kids love you. Your kids copy you. They love being like you, which means:

You have fun singing = they have fun singing. You’re not necessarily their music teacher, but 100% guarantee you are their motivaton. And NOBODY can accomplish that as well as you can, regardless how well you sing…so sing!

3. Sing Conversations 

This sounds harder than it is, but in reality it’s as easy as it comes. You probably even do it without recognizing it (cue Buddy The Elf, “I’m singing!!! I’m in a store and I’m singing!!!”). 

It’s as easy as Buddy makes it look. Instead of talking, just sing! If your kid is old enough, they’ll catch on and you’ll have to figure out a way to make them talk normal again. But even if they’re still young, sing away.

4. Name That Sound

You’ve heard of Where’s Waldo? How about I Spy? Imagine those games, but with sounds. This one is easy and super effective...and a side effect is quiet kids, but don’t focus on that too long!

It could be the sound of birds chirping, the squeaky back door, or mommy or daddy walking upstairs. All you need to do is, “SSSHHHHH, can you hear that bird?” It’s helpful to connect a visual at first, but quickly they’ll be stopping you to listen!

You probably already this game’s common counterpart, “what sound does the cow make?” Yup, similar skill, but helps with auditory awareness, which could even make them aware of their surroundings and keep them safe as an adult!

5. Dance to Dinner

Every kid will learn to walk in a straight line at school. What fun is that?

Whether you’re going to dinner, outside, to the park, or just relaxing in the living room. Every time is a good time to dance. Dance and music are internally connected, they’re inseparable. Again – no skills required. 

6. Record Yourselves

Have you ever heard a kid say “Can we look at my picture again?” or “Let’s watch my movie again”? Pull out your phone, and use Voice Memo to capture a song-conversation to listen to together. Or write a song about grass and flowers, then record it.

They’ll think they’re famous!!

For ambitious parents, turn that phone into your video camera and let little Suzie perform her “Unicorn Song” in front of the camera, then watch it on the TV.

She’ll love music, love creating, and love being in front of people. All are lifelong skills.

7. Watch Musical Performances

I’m not advocating more time in front of a screen here, but perhaps use some of that time to watch a concert of some form? Kids learn names and sounds of instruments, and are inspired by polished performances that sound bigger than life.

They see someone in the ensemble quickly aspire to be that performer.

It can be last night’s high school band performance, the area symphony, or dance your way to the band in the park. You’ll be amazed how much they start to love and get inspired by these performances.


I only listed 7 here, only because I like the number 7. Experiment with these and find what works best for you and your kid, invent some of your own, or borrow from a friend. These are “No Skills Required” to start encouraging your kids to love music. So why not start now?


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