The Sign You May Have G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome)

Posted on May 27, 2016 by Coming Hour

Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  

It's a myth, it's a rumor, but you definitely don't suffer from it.  Guitar players in a far off land are plagued by it.  The disease causes you to constantly be chasing the perfect tone, selling off limbs to afford the newest pedal.  But you definitely don't have it.....or do you?!?!?  There are many symptoms, ranging from multiple credit cards to commenting "save it 'til Friday when I get paid" frequently on used gear posts.  Some who suffer from GAS even spend their lunch hour at the music store just hanging out.  

None of these things are really issues by themselves; they point to a greater issue.  This all helps in the diagnosis process, but there's one obvious symptom the puts the biscuit in the basket:

If you think you don't have GAS, you have it.

That's right...denial.  Here's the reality, you have it.  Whether you're openly in support groups or you're in denial, you have it.  You have maybe even made it WEEKS without something new, but you know your heart longs to demo the latest and greatest pedals and amps for hours on hand just hoping somebody will walk in with a blank check to give you because of your good looks.  

For the times when that doesn't happen, we have the solution.  There's a mystical land where demoing gear is void of sales pressure, where trade-ins are valued at the highest possible dollar, and you get complementary coffee and tea to calm your nerves while you bond with tone.  This place is Coming Hour, don't believe it?   Believe it.

And if you have no desire to overcome, at least we have TONS of pedals for you to buy :P