What Is A Christian Music Store Anyways?

Posted on March 29, 2016 by Matthew Tims

Here's the truth, people everywhere are slapping the "Christian" title on every business and expecting you to support it, even though the organization remains unchanged.  Christian coffee, Christian shirts, Christian graphic designers, Christian social media.......Christian music store?

I can't speak for everyone else who operates a "Christian" whatever, but let me tell you exactly what that looks like for this music store.

Our Team Members Are Active Worshipers

There is something helpful when somebody helping you make a purchase is actively aware and involved in an environment similar to yours.  It's also encouraging to know they aren't just aware, but believe what you believe.  Like-minded people tend to work well together.  The Coming Hour Difference isn't just about selling stuff, it's about investing in worshipers and helping them succeed with passion and excitement about worship. This only happens because each team member (from teachers to sales) is frequently serving at their local church, and truly has a heart for worship.

Christ's Excellency Is Our Standard

**Disclaimer: there are no theological statements in this section**

Everything we do, we strive for the highest standard.  That includes: customer service, product selection, prices, turnaround times, communication, lesson instruction, industry knowledge, integrity, character and ethics, etc.  Let me elaborate on a few of those:

Customer service: our goal is to make you successful, not to sell you something you don't need.  Yes, businesses need to make money to survive.  Our method isn't with crazy prices or up-selling you.  Our method involves connecting you with the best gear at the best price that serves your need so well, that you can't help but recommend our services.  This encompasses our integrity, character, and communication.  We make sure you understand what you're doing, and then you can make the decision of what you need.  We're here to help you!  That being said, we're not perfect and don't know everything, and we won't try to tell you that either.  We do strive to know the industry and be informed to help you how you deserve to be helped.

Product selection: we are rapidly growing, and every item we add to our lineup has a specific individual in mind.  Our goal is to carry things that are relevant to musicians everywhere, helpful for worshipers, and some of the coolest items in the industry.  While we're still growing, we directly respond to requests, whether they are normal for other stores or not.  If you're part of the Coming Hour Family, that's enough for us!  

Prices: Why is this even on here?  Because two terms that we own have negative connotations.  These are: "local store" and "Christian store".  You can check our prices on our website, or in the store.  I like to prove that you can be both a local store and a Christian store with quality products, at prices competitive with the internet.  Why should you have to suffer just to support something you believe in?

We Give Back

I hesitate to even include this section, because I don't want this to be a "look at us" section, in light of principles taught in Matthew 6.  The reason I've included it is simply to show that our mission doesn't stop at marketing, and it's definitely not all about bringing business in.  But first a quick business lesson for everyone :) These are not official definitions, and I'm not a legal advisor.  They're functional (and ultra-simplified) understandings relative to how we relate to each.

For-Profit Business: the goal and intent is to have more money come in than goes out (operation expenses, cost of goods, staff pay, etc.), that is called profit, and is generally how businesses are measured to be successful.  This is how we're legally defined.

Non-Profit Organization: an organization whose purposes are centered around a mission, not on profits, and often do not have direct correlations between services provided and revenue.  This includes churches, para-church ministries, and many other social organizations.  

There are many things we stand for that makes us feel like a non-profit, but the means we've chosen to express those values allow us to function as a for-profit business.  If we continue to survive, and continue to grow, that is affirmation to us that we are serving people's equipment and instructional needs well.  Then our profits and resources are often used for continued growth, as well as giving and sponsoring local and national organizations that are non-profit organizations, but align with our values. Here are a few, but not all, examples:

  • Sponsor local worship-leader meet-ups and events with Shift115.
  • Write gear reviews for The Church Collective to help musicians find equipment that fits their needs.
  • Hold equipment centered events to educate and build community among instrumentalists across churches/denominations.

Our heart is to come alongside churches, ministries, and organizations that are doing a great job discipling worshipers.  We do this in monetary and non-monetary ways, but both are in unique ways that the resource of a music store can offer.

We're Here For You

We equip musicians with equipment, repairs, and instruction to move in excellence in worship.  And we are here specifically for you.  Whether you're online or local, you matter to us and we would be honored to serve you.  If you ever have questions, or even just want to swing by and try some fun guitar pedals, we would be delighted!


Matt Tims, owner